At Grab n Go, Recycling is paramount to us. Did you know each household produces about 1 tonne of waste each year, amounting to about 31 million tonnes of waste for the UK each year? Our job is to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill and recycle everything possible. We currently recycle almost 90% of all waste and are aiming to increase this to 95% by 2020.

What happens to your waste?
Ater your waste is collected it is brought to our Waste Recycling Station where
the waste is tipped into our sorting bay. Our operatives then process and sort
the waste out into the following categories:

Green waste
Cardboard & paper
Concrete, brick & rubble
General Waste

Nowhere for a skip to go?
When it’s not possible to put a skip down, maybe your drive is too narrow, or your road is too congested for a skip, we can offer a ‘Wait and load service’. Our driver will wait for you to load the skip and will then take it away straight away. This is very useful if you only have a short time to remove the waste/rubbish from your house or premises.

Do I need a permit?
Any skip that is to be placed on public land must have a skip permit from the relevant council. Public land includes any grass areas which are council owned and all public roads. We apply for the license for you and include it in your final price. All councils have different prices for licenses, but this will be made clear when booking the skip. Some councils must have a minimum of 2 days notice, please make sure you take this into account when booking your skip.

Hazardous Waste
Unfortunately, not everything can be recycled or is suitable for landfill. If you are disposing of something dangerous our normal service is not suitable for you. We do have a hazardous waste division who can help you. If you are unsure what is classed as hazardous or how to dispose of something, please contact

Grab n Go Skip Hire (North East) Ltd, Tel 01429 427673